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Our Policy

Our mission is to sell good quality meat and fresh produce with good customer service.


Whether you are planning a cookout, BBQ, or fundraiser for your church, at Moss Foods you can purchase anything you need in any amount. Do you need A BBQ Pig? No Problem! How bout a Case of Leg Quarters, a Case of Spare Ribs, or even a Whole Rib Eye Loin? We Got it covered. You can even purchase folding plates, dinner kits (knife/fork/spoon/napkin), or even cups for stew if you need them.

Moss Foods accepts all major credit cards, debits and EBT. Our store also accepts WIC vouchers as well.

Whole Pigs must be ordered in person in advance no later than 7PM (closing) on the Tuesday before you need it. A $20 deposit is required. Pigs may be picked up that Friday or later.

Large Quantity, Low Prices!

Looking to have a plate sale? Throw a party? Have a bunch of friends over? When ever you have a special event and need to have large amounts of your favorite products, just give us a call. We can take most orders over the phone.

Some of what we sale include:

  • Whole BBQ Pigs (must be ordered in advance)
  • Cases of Chickens or Chicken Parts
  • Whole Ribeye Loins
  • Cases of Trout or Whiting
  • Cases of Spare Ribs
  • Folding Plates and Dinner Kits
  • Stew Cups
  • Cases of Frozen Vegetables
  • Cases of Hot Dogs
  • Cases of Butter-Me-Knots
  • and lots more...

Need 250 split fryers? Not a problem. Need 30 Ribeye Steaks cut 3/4in? Again Not a problem. How bout a whole bone in pork loin or a case of Gwaltney Hotdogs? Got it covered. Just about anything you can purchase of the shelf you can buy in Bulk. You can also purchase any amout of what you need, because there are no limits or minimum purchases, ever.

Call for Pricing

For very large orders, please try to let us know at least a week in advance (ie 5 or more cases of Fryers, or 100lb Stew Beef, 50 Ribeye Steaks, etc.)

For Smaller orders (One case Split Fryers, One Whole Ribeye or Pork Loin, 10 lb Beef tips, etc), we can get it ready when you come in. If you let us know at least a day in advance we can have it ready when you arive so you do not have to wait.